Inaugural Aviation Awards Program

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is proud to announce our inaugural Louisiana Airport of the Year and Aviation Professional of the Year awards program. These awards will recognize superior achievement and leadership in the aviation field in Louisiana. Through the power of aviation, people and goods move rapidly, in, around, and out of Louisiana’s airport system. The opportunity to honor those individuals and facilities within our system provides for recognizing best practices in aviation through this awards program. From lifetime achievement and airport achievement to recognizing outstanding work in a particular discipline, our awards honor excellence and professionalism at all levels of airport operations. 

Any airport, airport authority, local or federal government official, consultant, contractor, or industry stakeholder who wishes to make a nomination must submit a typed nomination via email DOTD. All nominations must be received by DOTD no later than July 31st at 5:00 PM in order to be considered for the award. 

The awards will be announced during the 2021 Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates Annual Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development State of the Program Session in October 2021.

Please submit nominations or direct any questions or requests to LaToya Joseph, Aviation Project Manager, at or (225) 379-3050