A Letter from LAMA President, Heath Allen

Dear Friends and Louisiana Airport Colleagues:

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to seeing you in person next week for LAMA’s 50th Annual Conference in Baton Rouge. Meeting face to face is one of the pillars that our industry is built upon and critical to our future success as the World resumes travel by air. Louisiana has endured significant challenges over the last 20 months, including a pandemic, multiple major hurricanes, floods, and even a deep freeze. While these events have certainly tested our resolve, we’ve persevered through these challenges and remain ready to support our aviation stakeholders across this great State. Our ability to meet these challenges was greatly assisted by the phenomenal relationships and cooperation that exist within Louisiana’s airport industry. From airport directors and staff to the State DOTD Aviation Section and FAA, I would submit that our level of cohesion and professionalism rivals any State in the US. I believe that this cooperation has its origins in the Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates.

Since forming in 1970, Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates (“LAMA”) has been the leading authority for airport management in the State of Louisiana and represents the aviation industry in every part of the State. LAMA continually champions for investment in infrastructure for the State’s aviation industry and will continually do so in order to meet the needs of each community, as well as the national aviation system as a whole. Equally important, however, is the relationships that are cultivated by being involved in this great organization made up of consummate industry professionals. To be sure, some of my closest allies and friends are individuals that I met through LAMA.

It is these great folks that I can call upon for advice and that will show up when called upon to assist their fellow colleague in times of need – just as they did when Hurricane Laura devastated our airport here in Lake Charles. As we prepare to meet in the coming days in Baton Rouge, we will be electing new individuals to lead our organization, and I encourage everyone to be involved, as this group helps mold the future of aviation in Louisiana. Louisiana aviation is not just the airports, but the people that make the system work. It was my great honor to serve LAMA through the years. I will continue to do so, and I am especially excited to welcome the new leaders that will emerge and the new ideas that will result.


Heath Allen

2021 LAMA Board of Directors

Scott Gammel
Vice President

Yvonne Chenevert

Steven Burdeaux

Mike Edwards
Member At Large

Ralph Hennessy
Corporate Member

P.O. Box 97, New Roads, LA 70760 | www.louisianaairports.org