Office of Aviation Update – August 2022

Allen Taylor

Airway Lighting & NAVAIDS Specialist

– Retirement

Allen served our country proudly in the United States Air Force on active duty from 1966-1970 in the Photo Mapping Division at Turner AFB.  He was HONORABLY discharged from the USAF in 1972 where he continued to serve in the Air Force Reserve Unit on active duty from 1974-1979 at Eglin AFB and the Naval Air Station in New Orleans.

From 1970-1993, Allen worked at Pabst Brewing, Rust Engineering, Tayco Services, Associated Engineering, and Spectrum Engineering providing critical aviation consulting services to states and firms for engineering and aeronautical projects.  

Allen began his DOTD aviation career in 1994 where he was responsible for airport obstruction analysis, instrument approaches, navigational aids, lighting, R & D, developing standards, inspections, and final acceptance for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and State funded projects for all public-use airports in Louisiana.  He is a recipient of the 2010 DOTD “Secretary’s Award of Excellence” and the DOTD Bi‐Annual Conference “2011 Transportation Excellence Award” for “Use of Innovative Product or Technology ‐ False River Regional Airport LED Lighting Test Program”.  Allen received the Charles Dunbar Career Civil Service Award in 2016, which is the highest honor a state employee is awarded.  Allen Taylor has been a dedicated employee with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development since January 1994.  During his 28 years of distinguished service to the Department and the aviation community in Louisiana, Allen has served in the capacity as the Airway Systems Manager.

Allen has been responsible for the development and administration of the Navigational Aids Program since its inception in 1996.  The Navigational Aids Program was funded annually through the Airport Construction and Development Program at average amount of $950,000 each fiscal year. 

Throughout his tenure, Allen successfully implemented 611 projects and initiatives that benefited and influenced the airport industry on a national scale, and more importantly, positively impacted the public airports in Louisiana.  Allen implemented over $51.3 million in state funding to improve the safety of aircraft operations and airport navigational aid development at airports. The leadership and expertise demonstrated by Allen, will sustain these initiatives and developments and provides for the safety, security, stability of airports for decades to come.

Allen is known and respected nationwide as an airport lighting and electrical specialist.  He was a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America – Airport Lighting Committee (IESALC) and garnered their approval for the only new Pulse-Width Modulation Test program at a general aviation airport in the nation back in 2008 – 2010.  That test program was completed right here at the False River Regional Airport.  At that time, there were only two other test projects in the nation that involved this technology.  One project is being completed at Dallas / Ft. Worth International Airport and the other at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport.

As Allen’s crowning achievement – This project won the 2012 IESALC Award of Excellence for the Design of: Implementation of a Solar Powered Airfield Lighting Circuit at New Roads – False River Regional Airport (KHZR).

Allen is married to his wife Nancy of 48 years and they have a son, James, who is 34 years old.  Allen has been employed with the state of Louisiana for 28 years.  He is a lifetime national member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and is an Instrument Rated Pilot. 

From serving his country, to accomplished DOTD employee, to selfless community volunteer, Allen Taylor is an aviator that soars to new heights in professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication.

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