About us

The Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates was formed to provide a forum for the exchange of aviation management ideas. Ideas that help to provide better aviation services to the state of Louisiana.

In addition, LAMA provides a strong, credible influence on the lawmakers of the state to insure that legislation concerning aviation and airports is decided upon fairly and consistently. LAMA fosters development of educational programs and scholarships, to promote aviation and airport interests.

LAMA Continues to Grow

LAMA has steadily grown since its formation in 1970 to become the leading authority for airport management in Louisiana. Originally begun as informal meetings to discuss common problems related to the management of Louisiana airports, the group soon realized the important influence of formal organization. LAMA was formed and its first president was elected in 1971. In 1972, the group saw its efforts rewarded with the establishment of the Division of Aviation under the state’s Department of Public Works.

Today, LAMA membership represents memberships from every part of the state, all related to the aviation industry.