Membership Application

Please send your application and dues to the address listed on the application below.

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Who Can Join LAMA?

Members shall consist of the following and may be admitted to the Association after proving eligibility to the Secretary and/or Treasurer:

Executive Member

Open to persons employed as and exercising active responsibility of management, supervision, or administration of an airport, and shall have full voting rights. No airport shall have more than one voting member. An Executive Member who is the Chief Ex-Officio of more than one airport will have only one vote for the election of officers. In the absence of any Executive member, his/her designated representative shall have the right to vote in his/her place.

Associate Member

Any person involved in aviation and not qualifying in the Executive or Corporate category shall be eligible to become an Associate member.

Corporate Member

Any person, business or organization in a legitimate airport associated business such as airlines, consultants, vendors, suppliers, and fixed base operators are eligible for membership in this category. Any person other than the main contact person will be listed as Corporate Associate.

Executive Emeritus Member

Executive Emeritus Membership will be afforded those persons who have been Executive Members and through retirement are no longer affiliated with an airport. These members will not be assessed or otherwise obligated to pay any membership dues or Annual Meeting registration fees but will be required to pay for meals, banquet cost and other conference activity charges.

Student Member

Any student in an accredited aviation program attending a university or vocational-technical school shall be eligible to become a student member.

Executive Sessions

When the Association goes into Executive Session only Board Members, Executive\Members, and anyone requested by the Board of Directors may be in attendance.